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Ideal for educational use in Women’s Studies, Latin American Studies, Human Rights & Global Studies, Law & Criminal Justice, Journalism, and Media, Art & Culture.


Director/Producer Kimberly Bautista is coordinating her public speaking tour for 2014-2015. If you are interested in hosting her at your university or institution, contact us at justiceformysister@gmail.com. She offers workshops on ethical storytelling and video production, alternative film distribution, dating/domestic violence prevention, and community engagement/campaign building.

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“Kimberly's determination to use documentary in defense of Guatemalan women is exemplary… Kim fought to bring their story to the screen and to use social media to further her message. Guatemala will be a better place for women thanks to Kimberly Bautista.” 

B. Ruby Rich, Director of the Social Documentation Program at University of California, Santa Cruz

"Justice for My Sister is a powerful film on femicide in Guatemala, a landmark documentary for exposing the injustices and moving forward advocacy against the human rights of women and girls in Guatemala. It can also ignite other countries to address violence against women and femicide in a more serious and accountable way." 

Lois A. Herman, Coordinator WUNRN, Women's UN Report Network

"Kimberly Bautista impressed us with her commitment to her chosen subjects--not just in content, but also in the care she showed with the individuals she encountered and interviewed."

Linda Blackaby, film panel chair of the Princess Grace Awards

“A number of students said in our next class that they were quite moved and impressed by the film--it really made an impact on them. In fact, it probably was the highlight of our semester.”

Linda Lumsden, Associate Professor, School of Journalism, The University of Arizona

“Having the opportunity to meet and speak with strong, independent, successful women filmmakers like Kimberly is invaluable to me as a student. Through her work and passion, she has shown me that it is possible to make an impact as a female filmmaker, and that women can change the world.”

Livvy Runyon, Film Student, Stephens College

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By Quetzal Flores, Martha Gonzalez, and Walter Miranda, featuring Ana Tijoux

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Printed by our friends at Silenzio Statico


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