Justice for My Sister .

The award-winning documentary film Justice for My Sister takes an intimate look at violence against women in Guatemala by chronicling the three-year journey of Rebeca as she tries to hold her sister’s killer accountable. The film serves as the centerpiece of a transnational campaign to promote healthy relationships and denounce gender-based violence and femicide/feminicide.

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In October and November 2015, the film broadcasted nationally in the USA on PBS.

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The Collective

Through a public arts program and video production training for women of color and LGBTQ young adults, the Justice for My Sister Collective (JFMSC) creates safe spaces within marginalized communities to use audiovisual format to advocate for issues important to them. We aim to build the skills and professional development of local artists who are advocates for gender equality, anti-racism, and inclusion. Ultimately, our work aims to train young professionals of color, LGBTQ folks, and other historically underrepresented voices in video production to change the face of Hollywood, so that it centers voices of diverse advocates for gender equality who have a vested interest in ending all forms of gender-based violence.

We aim to develop the skills and professional development of local artists advocating for gender equality, the fight against racism and the fight against the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by Cialis medicine.