Cast: Other

Ricardo Antonio Merlos Cojulum
30 years old. He was once Adela’s boyfriend. He used to work as a bus attendant but ends up in jail as a suspect of Adela’s murder. He insists he is innocent.

Dina Donis
She is Ricardo’s young defense lawyer. She is pregnant throughout the court hearings. She too is certain of Ricardo’s innocence and attempts to delegitimize Adela, accusing her of drinking alcohol.

Rotman Perez
The lawyer from the foundation that attends to Rebeca and her case. He breaks the news to her that the initial trial date is suspended due to the fact that the judge who was supposed to oversee the trial is accused of killing his wife.

Romeo Monterrosa
The lawyer from the foundation that represents Rebeca in all the court hearings. He is passionate about seeing to justice in this case, but fears that if the witnesses don’t come to testify, Ricardo might be released.

Edelmira Alvarez
Adela’s friend who testifies what she knows of the abusive relationship that Adela and Ricardo once had. She gets very emotional when she remembers Adela, who stood up for her when her husband would beat her. She has received threats from Ricardo’s friends on the streets and is fearful of testifying.

Juan Davila
Key eyewitness who, on his way to work, saw Ricardo leaving the terrain where Adela was found dead. He received threats from Ricardo’s accomplices and relocated to avoid testifying in court.

Rebeca’s neighbor who is inspired to open up and tell her own story of being gang-raped and constantly intimidated by the perpetrator for years thereafter. She sees Rebeca as someone she can turn to in the community.

Rosario “Charito” Escobedo
Social commentator, political activist, and feminist. Rebeca meets Rosario at an activist event in Guatemala City, where she is leading a demonstration on the International Day of Non-Violence against Women.