Kimberly Bautista

Director, Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Co-Editor

Kimberly Bautista is a Los Angeles-based Colombian and Irish-American filmmaker. She was a Princess Grace Award recipient in 2008 and a Latino Producers Academy Fellow in 2010. She was also the recipient of the prestigious yearlong Latino Artists Mentorship from the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) in 2010. Kimberly’s debut feature-length documentary film, JUSTICE FOR MY SISTER, received the 2012 HBO-NALIP Documentary Cash Award.
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Michael Flores


Michael Flores, a Los Angeles-based Latino editor, is a previous Film Independent Program Fellow, a recipient of the Rodolfo Montes Memorial Scholarship, and a recipient of the National Hispanic Foundation For the Arts Entertainment Scholarship. His editing credits include The Cost of Living (2008 Student Emmy-winning television pilot), The Courtyard (2007), The Girls in the Band, and What On Earth?(2009).
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Juan Mejia Botero


Juan Mejia Botero is a Colombian documentary filmmaker currently based in Bogotá, Colombia. His work includes Merging Voices: The Youth of El Salvador Speak, the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship-funded A Través de Estos Ojos (Through These Eyes), and the award-winning documentary film about Afrocolombian displacement, Uprooted.
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Cast: The Family

Rebeca Eunice Perez
Rebeca is four years Adela’s senior. She is a single mother of five and has accepted Adela’s three children as her own as well. She helps her mother with their home-based tortilla business and struggles to make ends meet. After a 9-hour shift of making tortillas and caring for the children at home, she pounds the pavement to make things happen for Adela’s murder case on almost a daily basis. She has countless setbacks along the way, but that only fortifies her fight and keeps her going. She is able to transform her pain into a collective healing process and emerges as a feminist leader in her community.

Adela Chacon Tax
She was murdered in 2007 by an ex-boyfriend at the age of 27 after working at a local restaurant/bar for only a week. Her death is the instigating incident of the story. She was the mother of three and dearly loved by her children, mother, nieces, sisters, neighbors and friends for her bold, jokester attitude. Her absence/presence is felt throughout the film during shots of the city at night, her empty bedroom, the clapping of tortillas, and smoke in the kitchen. The family has very few pictures of her, but she remains present during moments of silence and rhythmic clapping.
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Cast: Other

Ricardo Antonio Merlos Cojulum
30 years old. He was once Adela’s boyfriend. He used to work as a bus attendant but ends up in jail as a suspect of Adela’s murder. He insists he is innocent.

Dina Donis
She is Ricardo’s young defense lawyer. She is pregnant throughout the court hearings. She too is certain of Ricardo’s innocence and attempts to delegitimize Adela, accusing her of drinking alcohol.

Rotman Perez
The lawyer from the foundation that attends to Rebeca and her case. He breaks the news to her that the initial trial date is suspended due to the fact that the judge who was supposed to oversee the trial is accused of killing his wife.

Romeo Monterrosa
The lawyer from the foundation that represents Rebeca in all the court hearings. He is passionate about seeing to justice in this case, but fears that if the witnesses don’t come to testify, Ricardo might be released.
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A Film By | Una Película de
Kimberly Bautista

Directed by | Dirección
Kimberly Bautista

Produced by | Producción
Kimberly Bautista

Written by | Guión
Kimberly Bautista

Cinematography by | Fotografía
Juan Mejia
Kimberly Bautista

Edited by | Edición
Michael Flores
Kimberly Bautista

Additional Camera | Cámara Adicional
Juan Kalles
Fritz Ofner

Additional Production Sound | Producción de Sonido Adicional
Alvaro Matheu
Milton Amezquita

Additional Equipment Provided by | Equipo Adicional proporcionado por
Josefina Lopez
Juan Kalles
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